About Us

Our Advisors ....

are responsible for upward of ten major business functions and activities, as diverse and demanding as M&A IT Due Diligence, IT Portfolio Management & Analysis,  Compliance and Regulatory Remediation and Strategic Planning. CxOs therefore must be capable of switching between environments and activities without losing speed. Finding someone with the skills and experience needed to develop strategy, translate it for people across functions and business units, and drive organizational change is not easy.    

Nicke Consulting Group CxO’s will develop trusted relationships to tackle companywide challenges and seize new business opportunities. 

On average, our advisors bring more than 25 years of relevant experience. A brilliant strategy, cutting edge product, or breakthrough technology can position your organization competitively, or even remediate compliance and regulatory challenges, but only solid execution can keep you there. We are doers, not just thinkers, with the ability to deliver on intent.   

Markets Served

  • Financial Services - Retail, Commercial, Investment Banking and Insurance Services 
  • Payment Solutions
  • Collections 
  • FinTech
  • HIT ( Health IT)
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Oil & Gas

Our Differentiators...we leverage

...best practice approaches.  Not only do we assess our client's situation and identify where the client is going wrong, we work "with" our clients to find the best solution to the problem the client is facing at that time. It need not be the solution we’ve delivered to a very similar problem to another client 30 days prior – it does, however, need to be the best solution for the markets served and the environment (culture, risk appetite, desired outcomes, regulatory and compliance requirements, etc..) our clients work within.